The Analysis of the Flouting Maxims in the Movie Entitled “The Ides Of March” Using Grice’s Cooperative Principle Theory (A Pragmatics Approach)

Rizki Ilham


The aim of this research is to observe the flouting maxims phenomenon in the movie entitled “The Ides of March”. The dialogues containing flouting maxims utterances are selected as the data. The data are analyzed by using Grice’s cooperative maxims principle theory.  The research shows that the characters employ all flouting maxims types i.e. flouting maxim of quality, quantity, manner, and relation. This research also found some reasons why the characters flout the maxims i.e. to refuse, to hide the information, to persuade, to end up the conversation, to convince, to get attention, to apologize, to show disappointment, to present satire, to show anger, to shift the topic, to deny, to perform a reason, to give information, and to show superiority.

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