An Analysis of Techniques and Quality of the Translation of Euphemism in the Subtitle of American Pie 1-8

Bayu Galih Permana


The objectives of this research are: 1) To describe the ways of the translator translates the euphemism into Indonesian language; and 2) To describe the impact of translation techniques on the translation quality in American Pie 1-8 in terms of accuracy, acceptability, and readability. This research belongs to a descriptive-qualitative research with purposive sampling technique. The data of this research are in the forms of word, phrase, clause and sentence of euphemisms and translation quality assessments acquired from the three raters. The researcher applied two methods in collecting the data, which are content analysis, and focus group discussion.

There are three findings found as the results in this research. The first finding is that the translator used 12 translation techniques from Molina and Albir (2002) in translating the euphemisms. The techniques of translation are used in single technique and combination techniques. The second finding is that most of the translations of euphemisms are translated accurately, acceptable and readable. The third finding shows: 1) established equivalent and amplification become techniques which produce translations with high level of accuracy, acceptability and readability; 2) discursive creation and literal translation become techniques which produce translations with low level of accuracy, acceptability, and readability.

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