Request Expressions Employed by the Characters in the Movie Entitled “Yes Man” (A Pragmatics Approach)

Wisma Wijayanti


This research is conducted to investigate the request expressions employed by the characters in the movie entitled Yes Man. It focuses on the use of types of request, the strategies of request, and the roles of power and social distance owned by the characters in expressing the requests. This research is based on the pragmatics study. It uses the descriptive qualitative method. The data in this research are taken from the conversations in Yes Man movie that contain all request expressions employed by the characters. There are 89 data containing request expressions found in the movie. Those data are analyzed by using the theory of Tsui’s classification of requests and Blum-Kulka and Olshtain’s theory of request strategies. The results of the research show that there are five types of request employed by the characters in the movie, namely Request for Action, Request for Permission, Offer, Invitation, and Proposal. Further, these five types of requests can be expressed by using nine strategies of request, such as: Mood Derivable, Performatives, Hedge Performatives, Obligation Statement, Want Statement, Suggestory Formulae, Query Preparatory, Strong Hints, and Mild Hints. The last result shows that someone in higher, equal, or lower power than the hearer can express the request by using the most direct way to the most indirect one; either it is intended to the hearer who has a close distance with the speaker or not.

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