Rossy Narendra


This research is conducted to present the register analysis of football news on the online newspaper The Telegraph and Daily Mail. This research uses Systemic Functional Linguistics approach as the theory to find the pattern or style of both media related to the profit that they get after publishing sport news texts.

This research is a descriptive qualitative research with a case study design. It uses componential analysis table which consists of taxonomy and domain analysis to support the findings. The findings show that Daily Mail has similarities and differences related to the text producing. There are many similarities such as the dominant use of process of transitivity, the tenor analysis of the context of situation, the style of the media, etc.

In addition, there are several differences that The Telegraph provides more information than the Daily Mail. The second is a fact about the readership in 2017 which shows the online readership of The Telegraph is better than the Daily Mail. On the other hand, the Daily Mail dominates the printed version.


Keywords: register analysis, sport news


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