The Representation of Homosexuality in American Music Videos in the Era of Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage Released Between 2012-2014

Isna Ardyani Fataya


This article analyzes how American music videos released between 2012-2014 represent the image of homosexuality in the era of legalization of same-sex marriage. The result find that the way U.S. media represent homosexuality in the era of legalization of same-sex marriage is not constructed in comical, villainous, evil, abnormal, problematic. It depicts the struggle of gay in the effort to gain an approval and an acceptance from family, friends and heterosexuals. It argues that homosexuality emerge as the victim, target and result of the heterosexism and homophobia. The same-sex kissing and gay marriage eliminate the sense of overt eroticism and homoerotic stigma to assert that gay is in fact not a violation. Instead, a way to seek for a self-identification and recognition. The image of gay presented through the gay pride parade used to express a pride and a visibility for being a homosexual and to familiarize heterosexual public.

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