Confronting The Notion of Employing Sexy Body As Girl Power In THE HOUSE BUNNY Movie

Nadya Retno Arumsari



Post-feminism notion of girl power centered on the employment of women sexy body leads to various perspectives. Through a movie entitled, The House Bunny,  the employment of sexy body as female empowerment make women able to achieve their goals, yet women have to encounter some challenges as the consequences. Thus, seeing the conflicting ideas represented on the movie, the objective of this research is to discuss how The House Bunny confronts the notion of the employment of sexy body as girl power.  The finding shows that eventhough women can attract male attention as well get benefit of it, women may find slut-shaming, self-objectification, body as temporarily source of empowerment and the sacrifices of employing sexy body as girl power occur as the negative consequences. Moreover, to complement young women and girls’ independence and emancipation, The House Bunny  constructs a message of “be yourself” as a key of female empowerment.


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