The Analysis of Approbation Maxims Based on Leech’s Politeness Principles in The Novel Entitled Five on a Treasure Island

Kartika Tri Astuti


This paper was conducted to know the use of approbation maxim strategies which are uttered by the characters in the novel entitled Five on A Treasure Island. Moreover, this research was made to know the speakers’ reason in relation to politeness principle when they use such a particular strategies in expressing the objective of their message. It uses pragmatics approach and descriptive qualitative method which took total sampling technique in collecting the data. The data are classified by the types of speech acts based on John Searle’s classification of speech act and then they are analyzed using Politeness Principle by Geoffrey Leech.  The result shows that most of the characters use approbation maxim strategy which maximizes praise to others and most of the hearer(s) give acceptance response towards the approbation maxims strategy.

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