Translation Quality Analysis on Sentences Accommodating Directive Speech Acts in the Children Movie Entitled The Lorax

Sulistyani Sari Nugroho


This paper was conducted to analyze the translation quality of sentences accommodating directive speech acts in The Lorax children movie. Moreover,  this research was made to find out the types of directive speech acts, the translation techniques applied by translator, and the impact of the techniques used in translating sentences accommodating directive speech acts to the quality of translation in terms of accuracy, acceptability, and readability. It uses descriptive-qualitative research which took purposive sampling technique in collecting the data. The data of this research were obtained using document analysis and interview. The findings show that there are nine types of directive speech acts found in the dialogues of the translating the directive speech acts; the translator uses four types of translation techniques. They are: single techniques (60), couplet techniques (17), triplet techniques (4), and quatrain techniques (1). As the result of the questionnaire, most of the data are categorized as accurate, acceptable, and readable translation.

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